Allison Green, the editor and owner of the website, throwing up peace sign hands as she sits in a wetsuit on the side of a boat in Fiji after a dive

Hi! I’m Allison, and I’m hopelessly addicted to the ocean.

So addicted, in fact, that in 2023, I’ve spent over 4 full days underwater… yes, that’s over 100 dives.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I got PADI Open Water certified in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua back in 2017, yet I was so shaken by some of the skills (mask removal and underwater navigation, I’m looking at you) that I didn’t dive much after that.

I did a few dives here and there — a manta ray dive in the Maldives, an underwater tunnel dive in Malta — but then I had one bad dive in Gili Air which shook my confidence.

And when the pandemic struck in 2020, and I got stuck in Bulgaria… well, diving definitely took a backseat.

It wasn’t until 2022 that I really dove headfirst back into diving… and then never looked back.

It started with a picture-perfect trip to French Polynesia. Doing 8 dives over the course of 10 days, I slowly re-built my confidence in diving.

It continued when I got my Advanced Open Water in Cozumel, even though I had my first incident of diver panic underwater. But this time, I was determined to get back in the water… and I did, immediately after I calmed down.

After that, my dive obsession brought me to Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Fiji, Indonesia, and the Philippines: and now that I’ve opened Pandora’s tank, I can never look back.

I’m here to share with you detailed dive guides that come from my personal experience diving these destinations.

I’ll also share my bucket list with you and places I plan and hope to go, in hopes that it will inspire you, too.

Let’s get diving!